About us

Based on my interests in medicine, the musculoskeletal system and sports the step to study physiotherapy at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands has been made easy for me.

With the bachelor's degree I began to work as a physiotherapist.
My passion for speed skating was the reason that I moved to Inzell in 1996.

At that time I did not know that sport should not be the only passion that would attract me to Inzell.

Yet in the year 2000 my step to being self-employed started. The practice of Physio-Inzell was opened up.
During my work, I soon discovered that in addition to therapy - medical history, diagnostic and compliance are required.
To improve the compliance, patients should have the ability to exercise in a practice.

This new way led to a rapid growing team called “Physio-Inzell”.

The service portfolio of the practice primarily focuses in the direction of manual therapy and orthopedics; however the importance of manual lymph drainage has increased.
After the closing of the ESSO gas station in the house of my wife’s parents in 2010, new perspectives opened up for us.

After eight months of renovation and restoration, a new and modern practice was originated on the Adlgasserstrasse 6.

Caused by the move we had the opportunities and the possibilities to expand the service portfolio of the practice.

In a new design we are looking forward to working with patients, physicians and health-conscious people