In our society, the subject health has become very important. All, medical, social and economic aspects play a decisive role.
We as physiotherapists also work for the health of our patients, whereupon the patient is seen as a psychosomatic unity.
The basis for the physical therapy is however the posture and musculoskeletal system and its control mechanisms.

Due to medical improvements as well as economic and social aspects, the responsibility was mainly taken by health insurances in the last 40 years.
In recent years though, we are increasingly be informed of financial problems in the health system.
In the long term, the patient will have to be self-active and must take personal responsibility for his/her health needed.

Our focus in the physiotherapy lies in postural and locomotor system.
The balance between stress and resilience has to be restored for several reasons.
We have a wide range of techniques and methods available to treat our patients.

To increase resilience, it is often necessary to train the body on a long term through a systematic program.
This long-term training often goes beyond the treatment period prescribed by the doctor.

Additionally to our physical therapy services, our patients have the opportunity to continue their training. This will help them take personal responsibility of their body

Physical therapy has changed in the last couple of years.
Scientific aspects have gained more and more importance for physiotherapists.

The entire team always participates in qualified trainings, thus, our patients are treated by using the latest scientific findings.